Dexter "Breaking Knife" - 10"

Dexter "Breaking Knife" - 10"

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The Dexter S132N-10 05493 Sani-Safe® breaking knife easily cuts through cartilage, tough skin, and small bones to turn large cuts of meat into smaller pieces. The edge of the 10-inch blade is ground and honed for ideal sharpness. Its high-carbon steel DEXSTEEL™ construction is stain resistant and heavy duty for constant use. Food and liquid are prevented from getting trapped between the blade and handle thanks to the seal between them, also preventing harmful bacteria growth. The 5-inch handle of the Dexter S132N-10 05493 Sani-Safe breaking knife is textured to prevent slipping during use. It is white and made of polypropylene so it is easy to clean.


Product Details

Slice large cuts of meats into smaller pieces by breaking through cartilage, small bones, and skin

Stain-resistant, ground and honed DEXSTEEL high-carbon blade

Exterior of the handle is textured for slip resistance

Polypropylene handle is easy to clean and withstands high and low temperatures

Seal between the blade and handle keeps food particles and liquids out to prevent bacteria growth

Overall Dimensions: 10 in. blade, 5 in. handle, 15 in. overall L