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Victorinox "Kitchen Steel" - 25cm Round”

Victorinox "Kitchen Steel" - 25cm Round”

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The Victorinox Kitchen Sharpening Steel keeps the blades of your knives in good condition and always sharp. Victorinox sharpening devices are necessary to sharpen every good quality knife. The Victorinox sharpening steels have a hard-wearing coating, good grip and good sharpening properties. 


  • A fine quality steel with black plastic handle and hanging ring.
  • Suitable for knives 250mm blade length or less..
  • Perfect steel for home use. Medium fine grade is used typically by chefs/butchers on a daily basis.
  • Ideally used daily in conjunction with a sharpening stone every 6 months.
  • Made in Germany.

There is more to cooking than just simple food preparation. Cooking is a passion, hobby, culture and sometimes even an art. However, above all, cooking should be fun and choosing the right kitchen ustensil is a crucial factor in ensuring that it is enjoyable. Victorinox has the right aid for any job – functional and high-quality products just as you would expect from the inventor of the Original Swiss Army Knife. And they come with a lifetime warranty on all material and manufacturing faults.