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Smartfire "Kamado Adaptor"

Smartfire "Kamado Adaptor"

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Designed For

This 'Kamado' adapter has multiple variations designed for Kamado smokers such as Primo, Kamado Big Joe, Big Green Egg, Dragon, Akorn and even ugly drum smokers like Pit Barrel Cooker that may be using a slot vent.

It's compatible with the guru brand of draft control adaptors, so you can use a Smartfire in a guru adaptor if you are upgrading.

Using It

The adaptor comes perfectly flat so its recommended to introduce a little bend to the ends of the metal to match the gentle curve of the vent slider channel. First figure out which way you will orientate the adaptor with your smoker, you can line it up with the vent slider to make sure, as you only want to bend the left and right hand sides. Then place it on the end of a solid surface (kitchen bench etc) facing up towards you and gently push the last 25mm (1") towards the ground to provide a gentle curve of ~3mm (1/8").

To use it, you simply insert the Smartfire Controller into the precisely machined female adapter end. To avoid moisture leakage into the case, you'll want the probe holes to face down - though in good weather quite a few people turn theirs sideways 'gangsta style' to observe the Smartfire controller light.

Technical Information

There are multiple dimensions available, please choose wisely according to your smoker type. If unsure, measure the vertical height of the sliding vent insert in your smoker!


Known measurements include:



Kamado Small 45x72mmDragon


UDSwith 45mm high horizontal slot vent (such as Big Poppa)

Kamado Standard 83x72mm83mm side:

Primo XL

Big Green Egg Medium or Large

Kamado Joe Classic

Turned sideways to 72mm:

Pit Boss (ie Costco)

Vision Grills Classic C

Kamado Big 95x83mm

Not sure which KJ or BGE you have, you just know its pretty big? All your bases are covered with this adaptor.

83mm short side:

Primo XL

Kamado Joe Classic

Big Green Egg Medium or Large

95mm long side:

Kamado Big Joe

Pit Barrel Cooker

Big Green Egg XL (TBC)

UDS Teardrop


Drum smokers with teardrop air inlet


Other sizes known are:

- BGE Minimax 54mm, order the Standard and ask for it to be modified to suit


- It includes a red plastic plug to seal the adaptor and keep the bugs and weather out when not in use. It's heat resistant to 70C/160F, so recommend to let the fire die with the kamado lid closed and top vent closed before attaching.

- You slide your original vent in on the right to seal the opening gap

- Pit Barrel Cooker: You can unscrew the swinging circular cover and place the Large Kamado Adaptor inside the pit (after curving the metal to suit).Use a pencil to markwhere the old bolthole matches up to the adaptor. Pull the adaptor out of the pit and drill it to suit the bolthole and nut. Place back in pit and use the oldbolt and nut to secure the adaptor.