Savage Hombre Chilli Oil

Savage Hombre Chilli Oil

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This hot little number is a fusion of 2 old recipes. 

Savage Hombre infuse a high oleic sunflower oil with garlic, rosemary, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, Sichuan peppercorn. these aromatics get to know each other and mingle for some time while they loose all the best parts of them into the oil after the party has died down they introduce freshly cut extra hot chilli and birds eye chilli into the mix to bring the party back to life.


And like a weekend in Vegas once they have lost all the best parts of themselves they reduce the oil back to its purest form.

Leaving a bright red, aromatic and hot chilli oil ready to use on salads, stir fries, pasta's, pizza, burgers and practically anything you want spicy!