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"Rubs" - John Whalen III

"Rubs" - John Whalen III

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Spice things up in the kitchen! Rubs by John Whalen III will be your guide to season any dish so you can create your own signature concoction!

Part of The Art of Entertaining series, this new and expanded edition of the bestselling book by John Whalen makes it even easier to season any dish and features:

- Over 175 recipes for rubs, marinades, glazes, and bastes
- A guide to flavor profiles – like “spicy,” “sweet,” “savory,” and “tangy" – and the types of proteins on which each one works best
- Directions for using the appropriate rub, marinade, glaze, or baste depending on how you are planning to cook your food.

This handbook is a perfect gift for family and friends that love to grill, and they’ll be sure to invite you to their next Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day BBQ shindig. Or buy it for yourself and enjoy cooking in the great outdoors!

Rubs is packed with recipes you can use in the kitchen, too, which are also a great starting point for your own bespoke dishes. With this flavor-packed handbook at the ready, you won’t believe how good these easy-to-follow recipes will make your food taste