Misty Gully "Cure #1" 2% Curing Salt

Misty Gully "Cure #1" 2% Curing Salt

Misty Gully
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Misty Gully Cure #1 – 2% is a low level nitrite cure that has been specially formulated for use in semi dried sausages, fish and making your own jerky. It has a lower level of nitrite compared to the standard Cure#1 (6.25%) and this is due to the shorter curing times required. We suggest using this cure for curing times of 48 hours or less. 


Misty Gully’s range of curing salts are perfectly balanced with the right combination of ingredients so that you can confidently process your meats safely at home. Add this cure to your bacon curing supplies kit.


This cure #1 contains 2% Sodium Nitrite, ~98% regular salt. It is dyed pink for safety reasons.




Dry cure: use 3g per kg of meat. Do not substitute for cooking salt. Do not ingest directly.




WARNING – Contains nitrite. Substitution for cooking or table salt may be dangerous, particularly for young children.


500g resealable pack