Misty Gully "Cure #2" Curing Salt

Misty Gully "Cure #2" Curing Salt

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Curing salts with a combination of Nitrites & Nitrates are required for safe long term slow processing of air dried meats. This cure is equivalent to Prague powder #2 or Insta cure #2. This cure is designed to be used with salami.


This cure #2 contains 6% Sodium Nitrite, 4% Sodium Nitrate and ~90% regular salt. It is a pink colour for safety reasons.




Use 3g per kg of meat mixture. Do not substitute for cooking salt. Do not ingest directly.




WARNING – Contains nitrite. Substitution for cooking or table salt may be dangerous, particularly for young children.


A cure that has a combination of Nitrates and Nitrites is ONLY suitable for air dried salamis and air cured meats etc because the Nitrites protect the meat in its early stages and the Nitrates break down into Nitrites over a period of time giving the salami the added protection it needs.


500g resealable pack