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Laica "Vacuum Bag Rolls x2" - 28cm X 6m

Laica "Vacuum Bag Rolls x2" - 28cm X 6m

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Wasted food will no longer be an issue in your household when you vacuum seal extra food in these Laica Vacuum Bags!

These vacuum bags are made from food grade BPA-free plastic which are fridge and freezer safe, perfect to keep your food fresh up to 5 times longer, and for sous vide cooking.

Pair this with the Laica Vacuum Sealer for perfect results each time. Available as a separate purchase.


    Set of 2
    Measures 28cm x 6m
    Refrigerator safe
    Freezer safe
    Eliminates odour in the fridge
    Reduces waste
    Suitable for cooking in water from 80-100°C
    Suitable for low temperature cooking up to 70°C for up to 6 hours
    Universal design
    Suitable for use with other brands of vacuum machines if compatible in width