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JG BBQ "22 inch Twin Offset Plate"

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Whats better than one offset? Two!


This Dual Sided Offset plate does away with thin charcoal baskets that deform and burn through, and replaces it with 5mm Mild Steel.



Please note: this product is made from mild steel, and some light surface rust is maybe present. It will need to be seasoned prior to use.


Whether you have a brand new Kettle or your grandparents trusty old one that you remember growing up with, now is the time to breath new life into your Kettle using a JG BBQ Offset Plate. Transform a timeless classic into an efficient smoking machine and enjoy these key features

    Easy to setup from the get-go
    Uses less fuel than the snake method
    Stable Temps
    Longer burn times
    Even heat distribution
    Quick lid-lift recovery
    Free’s up more real estate for more meat
    Ability to use lump charcoal efficiently
    No more rotating the rack like you would for the snake method