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Gran Luchito "Soft Taco Wraps" (10 Wraps)

Gran Luchito "Soft Taco Wraps" (10 Wraps)

Gran Luchito
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Some of the best food in Mexico is found on the street, especially when it comes to tacos! Small in size but big in flavour, these tortilla wraps are perfect for making Mexican street food, including chipotle street tacos, cheesy quesadillas and crunchy tostadas.

Mexican street tacos are loved by one and all and the renowned brand of Gran Luchito brings to you a pack of these soft wheat tortilla wraps for never-ending fun.

Available in the usual small street taco tortilla size, these tacos are BIG in flavour as they are made from quality soft wheat. These soft wheat tortilla wraps are freshly made in Australia and provide the perfect base for adding flavourful veggies and/or meat and authentic toppings – the options are endless.

10 Taco Wraps Per Pack