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Cham Cham "Green Chilli Ssamjang" Sauce

Cham Cham "Green Chilli Ssamjang" Sauce

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Ssamjang is a Korean pantry staple, a mix of soybean paste and gochujang. Our Green Chilli Ssamjang is savoury, umami packed with a kick of green chilli. With perfect balance of flavour, it's your everyday go-to sauce for any meals.

medium - high heat

Perfect condiment for

- Roast pork, Beef spare ribs, Steak, Lamb cutlets, any BBQ meats

- Rice paper rolls, Sushi, Bibimbap, Grilled vegs or Grilled fishes

Great marinade for

- Roast pork belly, Roast lamb or Any fishes

- Use it for stews without overpowering

Vegan, Nut Free