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BRZ Food "Gringo Chimichurri" Signature Rub

BRZ Food "Gringo Chimichurri" Signature Rub

BRZ Foods
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Bring a taste of South America to your cooking with BRZ Gringo seasoning. Our unique blend of spices is based on the region's famous chimichurri sauce. There's a reason Gringo is our best seller as it's such a versatile seasoning that you can add it to anything to give your food an authentic Latino twist.

The Gringo of Spices

In South America, the word gringo is used to describe a foreigner, and that’s just how we describe our seasoning. BRZ Gringo is something of a foreigner in Australia. Using a blend of garlic, onion, chilies and our own mix of herbs, this seasoning will add some Latino magic to whatever you’re cooking up.

Add Some Zing to Meat

BRZ Gringo seasoning goes well with any protein. Use it as a rub on pork, beef, chicken or lamb and smoke it, roast it or put it on the barbecue for a burst of South American flavour. Mix Gringo with olive oil, vinegar and salt to use as a marinade for fish or drizzle the mixture on cooked shellfish for a tasty treat.

Veggie Delights

BRZ Gringo is not just for meat and fish lovers. It’s also excellent in vegetarian dishes. Sprinkle over feta cheese or potato salads for flavoursome side dishes. Spice up a pasta bake by using Gringo as a seasoning for a twist on the Italian classic. Liven up a veggie stir-fry or make an Australian version of chimichurri sauce by mixing BRZ Gringo with vinegar and olive oil.