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AUS-ION 'QUENCHED' 405x310mm Baking Sheet/Tray

AUS-ION 'QUENCHED' 405x310mm Baking Sheet/Tray

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Solid iron baking tray, seasoned for you to be naturally non-stick! Perfect for cookies, pastry goods, scones, sausage rolls and so much more!

Made in Australia from a single solid sheet of Aussie iron, this tray/baking sheet is designed to last many lifetimes. No synthetic, toxic coatings; just healthy, forever-renewable, natural non-stick.

Expect perfect bases and even browning on your culinary delights due to the superior heat conductivity of iron for perfectly even cooking.  Tough enough to withstand very high oven temperatures without buckling. 

No more buckling! Unlike flimsy, synthetic-coated imported trays, our trays will not buckle or peel under high heat. 

Designed to fit in standard 600mm ovens. Seasoned and ready for your culinary creations! There is no need to ever use those imported, toxic, mystery-coated trays again!​

Our Baking Trays are designed for OVEN USE ONLY. While our Baking Trays are the toughest we've seen, there is a limit to what they can handle in terms of isolated or uneven spot heat, before the differential expansion in hot and cold zones buckles the large, flat, unsupported surface. The worst possible heat source is induction (very concentrated small spot of high heat), small gas burners or any small heating element on high.