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AUS-ION 'QUENCHED' 22cm Wrought Iron Sauteuse Pan

AUS-ION 'QUENCHED' 22cm Wrought Iron Sauteuse Pan

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Deeper sides than a standard skillet, this pan is ideal for one-pan meals such as frittatas, scrambled eggs, baking (bread & cakes) and small roasts. Also great for deep frying and pan searing.

3mm thick wrought iron for even heating. A ‘workhorse’ Chef’s pan with higher walls than our other skillets for more saute action. Induction compatible and suitable for any oven (except microwave) and any cooktop, as well as BBQ’s and open flame cooking.

Each pan is engraved with the month and year of manufacture for heirloom collectibility.


L 45.5cm, Diam 22cm , H 9cm at handle , H 5.4cm of bowl , 1.1 kg

AUS-ION™ Australian-made wrought iron professional cookware is perfect for everyday oil/fat based frying, grilling, etc. AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like all bare cast iron cookware, but is half the weight. Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable non-stick. All other non-stick cookware is made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings.