Que Cuts

Fresh meat is available from The Que Club, we are extremely proud to be offering a wide selection of low’n slow and hot’n fast cuts.  

All our meat is certified free range and organic (where possible), sourced from only the best farmers in the land. Delivered daily and cryovaced (offsite) for freshness, you are guaranteed to only find deliciousness in our meat department.

Don't have the time to cook that perfect brisket? The Que Club are happy to cook it for you. Give us a call for further information, this applies to all the delicious meats in The Que Cut range, you will be given simple to follow reheating instructions, taking all the stress away from, all you need to do is enjoy!

The range of Que Cuts can vary from day to day due to seasonal availability. If you are looking for that special cut and want to ensure availability please feel to contact us here or drop us a line on 03 9489 2783.