Vancouver Island Smoked Sea Salt

Vancouver Island Smoked Sea Salt

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Vancouver Island Salt Co. Smoked Sea Salt is a must try!  Use as a finishing salt. Adding a little VISC Smoked Salt to any mild flavoured food, near the end of cooking or right before eating will help get the most flavour out of your Smoked Salt. Product weight : 170g

Suggested Foods:

Any white fish, roasted veggies, fresh greens with olive oil, chicken, lean cuts of pork, as a third dipping station for fresh bread (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, smoked salt....yum!). 

Salmon Gravlax with Smoked Sea Salt

Our slowly smoked sea salt adds another dimension to this traditional gravlax. Recipe by Andrew Shepherd


  • Combine 3 table spoons of V.I.S.C.’s Smoked Canadian Sea Salt with 1 table spoon of cane sugar, zest of 1 lime, zest of 1 lemon, and cracked pepper to suit one’s own taste.

  • Remove skin and any pin bones from salmon.

  • Place salmon in the bowl making sure the mixture packs onto it by adding even pressure to the piece of fish.

  • Flip over and repeat on other side of the salmon.

  • Wrap mixture packed salmon in plastic wrap, place in a plastic or non-reactive container with lid on and put in refrigerator.

  • Let cure for a minimum of 6 hours.

  • For longer curing times, take fish out every 10 hours and discard any liquid, re-wrap salmon and return to refrigerator.

  • Slice thinly and serve with cream cheese and bagels, or on top of fresh salads.