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Starrett "6 Piece BBQ Knife Set"

Starrett "6 Piece BBQ Knife Set"

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  • The Chef Kit brings together the best options in knives for the unique experience of being a true chef
  • Red colour handle in the same package it is possible to find the cutlass for easier work with the cutting of tougher meat and bones, in addition to the traditional “Chef Starrett knife” and another exclusive knife for cutting
  • Everything is even more complete with the kettle (with protector) and the sharpening stone, providing quality and better work of the blade during preparation.

Kit Includes:

  • Cleaver 10” / 250mm
  • Butcher knife 6” / 150mm
  • Butcher knife 10” / 250mm
  • Sharpening steel 10” / 250mm
  • Sharpening steel protector
  • Sharpening stone  200x50x25mm