ProQ Ulti-Mitt (Single BBQ Glove)

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Designed for the BBQ, but work perfectly indoors too – The ultimate BBQ Mitt

  • Five finger Oven/ BBQ Gloves made from Aramid fibres/ Nomex
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 250 Deg C (475 Deg F)
  • Reversible – Fits either left or right hand
  • Long length protects lower forearm
  • One size fits all
  • Non slip silicone detailing allows for excellent grip.

Designed for the BBQ, but work perfectly indoors too, the Ulti-Mitt® gives unsurpassed flexibility which combined with the silicone lines makes it easier, than conventional oven mitts to safely handle hot dishes, cook on the BBQ, or indeed replace a light bulb. Each pack contains 2 gloves (1 pair). They’re made from 2 layers… The inside layer is 100% cotton which provides comfort. The outside layer is made from 100% Aramid fibres (Nomex tm) which provides protection. They are also machine washable. Please read the safety instructions that come with the gloves to ensure correct use.

To Clean – Hand wash, then hang to dry.

WARNING! – The Ulti-Mitt does not protect against hot liquids…

  • If the Ulti-Mitt gets wet, or comes into contact with any liquid, remove the glove immediately.
  • Wash and hang to dry completely before re-using
  • Do not exceed temperatures of 250ºC