Picnic BBQ Grill Pack

Picnic BBQ Grill Pack

The Que Club
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As Melbourne weather picks up for park hang-outs, make sure you’re the ‘King of the Grill’ with our Picnic BBQ Grill Pack  - it’s got everything you need for a BBQ for two, all using environmentally responsible materials. Just add-on your drinks of choice. 


1 CASUS grill - Eco-friendly disposable bbq

1 box of matches

Eco-friendly cutlery, napkins and plates for 2


2 Maple glazed double house-smoked bacon skewers

2 Lemon, thyme and beer smoked chicken skewers

2 Korean Galbi Black Onyx beef deckle skewers

2 BBQ sauce-dipped potato and Shiitake skewers

2 Strawberry skewers with salted caramel and charred coconut 


2 Milk buns

Kimchi dipping sauce

Ranch dipping sauce

Fresh garden salad



Please note, this product does not ship, and is only available for collection from our Lygon Street store between 11AM and 5PM on Saturday and Sunday. Please call or email us if you have any questions.