Murrumbidgee Charcoal 5kg

Murrumbidgee Charcoal 5kg

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It all started with a passion for cooking food over charcoal. Murrumbidgee Charcoal were cooking kettle style for their mid-week meals, and using the spit roast and camp oven on the weekends. But we were disappointed with the charcoal available and the impact on our cooking – inconsistent flavours, chemicals added, irregular charcoal lump sizes, and not locally produced.


They knew there had to be a better way. So were inspired to make better charcoal. They wanted the best BBQ experience with all natural charcoal to bring flavour to their food. That’s the story of Murrumbidgee Charcoal.


Due to the unique two river system and associated floodplains the property supports one of the largest stands of Red Gum in NSW. The area covered by timber is approximately 35,000 acres enables the sustainable harvesting of dead timber, they do not cut down green trees to create Murrumbidgee Charcoal.


Harvested from redundant stands on the flats of the Murrumbidgee River


Pure Red Gum charcoal is made with traditional ‘earth pit’ method

Slow burning, even heat, long lasting


Their mission is to bring Australian Red Gum flavour to your food the traditional way, cooking with fire.


Murrumbidgee Charcoal comes from Australia’s Riverina, which is a region of south-western New South Wales (NSW), Australia. This region has a combination of flat plains, warm to hot climate and an ample supply of water for irrigation, which is perfect for Red Gum forest growth.