"Masters of Que 2021" 19th-20th June

"Masters of Que 2021" 19th-20th June

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Masters of Que 2021

The Que Club is proud to announce "Masters of Que", the ultimate weekend of competitive barbeque!

This event will have 3 competitions all in one convenient location, the Coburg Velodrome, located in Melbourne's inner northern suburbs.

On Saturday we will be kicking things off with an SCA Competition (Double Steak/2 Ancillaries), followed by a KidsQue Nation event.

The main event, Masters of Que, will be a fully sanctioned ABA event with 4 categories, Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork and Brisket. Aside from the $25,000 prize pool, the winner will receive a qualifying bung, entering them into the draw for a spot at the Jack Daniels Invitational. Entrants will also receive double ABA championship points, an Australian First!

Entry fees are as follows:

Masters of Que and SCA Event (19th-20th) $650 (includes ABA fee of $50)

Masters of Que ABA Event only (19th-20th) $450 (includes ABA fee of $50)

SCA Only (19th) $300

KidsQue Nation Kids Cookoff (19th) $40

For further information please contact bbq@thequeclub.com.au


*Please note Afterpay and ZipPay cannot be used for payment of cooking competitions