Diva Q Pitmaster Dinner - Sunday August 21th 6:00pm

Diva Q Pitmaster Dinner - Sunday August 21th 6:00pm

The Que Club
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Traeger Grills & The Que Club Present:
Diva Q Pitmaster Dinner
Diva Takes Over The Que Club Kitchen
Sunday August 21st 6:00pm

Grab a front row seat to Diva Q taking over The Que Club kitchen for one night only! She’ll be cooking up a storm and gracing your table with many of her new and old signature dishes.

During the course of your meal we’ll grill Diva on her globetrotting lifestyle, cooking adventures all over the world and her insatiable appetite for learning and transferring her passion for all things BBQ, with an opportunity to ask her your own burning questions too.


Danielle Bennett aka Diva Q is a certified barbeque & grilling expert, Traeger Ambassador, Pitmaster, celebrated TV host, BBQ teacher, best-selling author and former world pork, bacon, sausage, & grilling champion at the largest, most respected BBQ contests in the world. With over 400 BBQ awards to her name & having taught over 10,000+ students, she is an authentic & respected BBQ industry leader and ambassador for all things Grilling & BBQ. Trailblazing cook Danielle “Diva Q” Bennett is a world champion pitmaster and BBQ competition judge who crushes the competition with her Traeger grill.