Dirty Dougs "Cevapi" Spice Mix

Dirty Dougs "Cevapi" Spice Mix

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Doug's Cevapi Spice Mix recipe is our family recipe. Every family has their own recipe and we are happy to share ours. 


This spice mix with the feature flavour of mint and garlic is a great base to marinade lamb


Ready to use - no need to add salt - just shake container before use


Add 1 Tablespoon of Cevapi spice mix into 500gr of either Pork/Veal mince or Beef/Pork mince, roll into small sausage shape allow to rest in fridge overnight (preferred) to allow flavours to develop and then BBQ Char. Try not to overcook these little bad boys as they taste the best fresh off the BBQ when they are juicy and slightly charred.