Charcoal 101: An Introduction to Barbeque

Charcoal 101: An Introduction to Barbeque

The Que Club
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Charcoal Cooking 101


New to cooking with charcoal or just want to build some extra confidence in using your charcoal grill, then this is the course for you.

With our small class sizes and our interactive hands on approach, you can be sure to leave this class with the confidence you can consistently cook amazing food on your charcoal fired BBQ.

At the completion of this class you will have menu cards for numerous tasty proteins, vegetables and sides. You will also experience cooking on the massive range of The Que Club’s amazing charcoal grills.

You can expect to learn:

Choosing the correct charcoal for the right application

Use of various charcoal cookers (kettle, kamado, barrel/bullet)

Lighting your charcoal

Wood and fuel selection for your chosen proteins

Preparation and cooking of meats, vegetables and sides

Choosing the right seasoning, rub, and sauce for your menu


Duration of the class is from 6.00pm to approx. 8.30pm.


It also includes sitting down and eating everything we have prepared in the class!