BPS Little Louies Garlic Salt w/ Black Pepper 212g

BPS Little Louies Garlic Salt w/ Black Pepper 212g

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Little Louie's Garlic Salt w/ Black Pepper - 212g

Little Louie's Garlic Seasoned Salt with Pepper is great on everything. Seriously. Say hello to your new all-purpose seasoning. 

Oh Little Louie!  Big Poppa developed this product with the classic brisket recipe in mind. Garlic, Salt, and Pepper! Probably one of the best base rubs on the market, this bottle of Little Louie’s Garlic Salt w/Pepper really brings alive chicken, pork, veggies, or beef with its straight forward flavors. Big Poppa uses this salt rub on absolutely everything. This BBQ seasoning is the real deal and was used to win the 2012 American Royal Invitational aka, "The World Series of BBQ." 

Many BBQ enthusiasts have also discovered that Little Louie's Garlic Salt w/Pepper works well in the kitchen too as an all purpose seasoning. Like most of Big Poppa's rubs and seasonings, they aren't limited to BBQ or the backyard. 

Check out our infographic on how to use Big Poppa Smokers' Rubs here: https://www.bigpoppasmokers.com/bps-rubs-infographic

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