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Smokin' with The Natural Born Grillers: A Smoking Masterclass

Smokin' with The Natural Born Grillers: A Smoking Masterclass

The Que Club
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Smokin' with The Natural Born Grillers
A Smoking Masterclass
The Que Club 
3-7 Syme St, Brunswick 3056

This hands-on smoking masterclass is all about the meat! Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Seafood, we don’t discriminate. What we can promise is amazing food, created by you, the participant.

Cooking on a wide range of barbecues we will demonstrate set up and cooking on our Manhorne Offset Pit, Primo Grill (Kamado/Ceramic Grill), Traeger Pellet Grill and any other cooker we can find on the day!

Topics covered (but not limited to) will be:

  • Temperature Management
  • Smoking Wood Choice
  • Trimming and preparation of brisket, ribs, and plenty more
  • Rub and Sauce choices
  • Wrapping, boating and resting

The class also includes sitting down and eating everything we’ve cooked, full colour, detailed recipe cards PLUS the opportunity to pick the brains of one of Australia’s top competitive barbeque teams.


The "Natural Born Grillers" began competing in 2015, winning multiple awards and trophies from all over Australia. They possess unlimited enthusiasm for all things food and fire, this resonates in this masterclass, that has now been running over 3 years, teaching over 500 participants their unique style and attitude to “low ‘n slow” cooking!