Que In The Club SCA Competition

January 19, 2019 saw The Que Club host a Steak Cookoff Association Competition, with a dedicated group of barbecue masters competing across three categories - Bloody Marys, Wings and Steak. Not only was The Que Club packed with competitors and judges, but a number of 'civilians' stopped by to check out the competition and enjoy the atmosphere.


The Bloody Mary category saw some seriously innovative garnish concepts, while Wings were presented every way from smoked to stuffed to crumbed. The final turn-in of the day was Steak, all of which looked amazing and tasted even better. The judges (lucky bastards) had a difficult but delicious job.

Check out the results and some photos from the day below.



1st: Melbourne BBQ Cartel, Dan Greenwood (winner of $1,000, a PK Grill and a Golden Ticket)

2nd: Full Boar, Andrew Maxwell

3rd: HBAS, Luke Nagel

4th: Rolling Smoke, Rolling Smoke



1st: Full Boar, Andrew Maxwell

2nd: HBAS, Luke Nagel

3rd::Suck Knuckle, Simmo McSmokeface

Bloody Mary

1st: SmartFire, Mark Terrill

2nd: Melbourne BBQ Cartel, Dan Greenwood

3rd: The Smoking Joint, Grant Neale